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OTR Cigar News & Events

OTR Cigar’s “Cigar Box Bucks for Charity”

OTR Cigars’ “Cigar Box Bucks for Charity” provides an empty eye catching cigar box to customers and guest in exchange for a $5.00 donation to a local charity. Currently we are sending all Cigar Box Bucks for Charity gifts to Cincinnati’s Save the Animals Foundation. Our staff also encourages patrons to forego gratuities and make a donation to the OTR Cigar’s “Box Bucks for Charity.” We always have water outside and treats for dogs passing by OTR Premium Cigars. Here’s another pup who stops by OTR Cigars regularly. Most are rescues.

In the last six months we’ve supported the Cincinnati Blue Line Foundation and Buddy La Rosa’s Golden Gloves for Youth Foundation. If you’re near Findlay Market stop by and pick up a uniquely decorated Cigar Box.